Information Security & Privacy: Mapp Certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 SAN DIEGO, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --  Mapp , the international provider of insight-led customer experiences, has successfully completed the ISO certification process for Mapp Cloud. While Mapp Cloud had previously been ISO-certified for its Engage module that drives cross-channel marketing automation, its Intelligence module that delivers customer analytics and insights has been certified for the first time in accordance with the internationally recognized standard ISO 27001 for information security management and ISO 27018 for the protection of personal data in the cloud. Christian Senk, Chief Security & Privacy Officer at Mapp, comments: "Customer data is our most valuable asset. The systematic and effective protection of this data is an integral part of Mapp's DNA and the base of our reputation as a provider of insight-led customer experiences. The rigorous certification process with annual compliance audits by an independent third party gives our customers additional confidence in Mapp as the right partner – and one that is GDPR-compliant and safely storing all data in the cloud." Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp, adds: "Confidence in data security is essential in the MarTech sector. We are therefore delighted to obtain this certification. It demonstrates our commitment to protecting our customers' data and our professional and legally compliant approach to handling personal data in the cloud. Security and data protection are absolute priorities for us and are central to our innovative cloud service offering for cross-channel insights." The certification was carried out by TÜV Nord , an international provider to test, assess and validate the safety of products and services. With ISO 27001 and ISO 27018, the experts certify that the development and operation of Mapp's solutions meet the highest standards in terms of information security and data protection. Within the scope of the certification, Mapp was able to demonstrate the GDPR-compliance of its products and services. The international MarTech company offers unique possibilities for modular and scalable marketing with its Mapp Cloud platform. The core components of Mapp Cloud are: The Engage Module which orchestrates and automates seamless, personalized cross-channel campaign management. The Intelligence Module which combines data with analytics and AI to generate actionable insights, allowing brands to better engage with their customers along the buying journey. The integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP) which provides a 360-degree view of each contact through helpful site unified data, enabling advanced segmentation and automation. Marketers and data specialists should be able to focus on what will make a difference for their business, instead of spending all their time taming the technology behind it. With the insight-led customer experience platform Mapp Cloud, they can focus on what really counts – and the exciting insights that come with it. Thanks to customer intelligence and marketing analytics, companies can easily and effectively gain data-driven customer insights across all channels to trigger highly personalized marketing activities. Mapp's customers benefit from AI-supported forecasting models that enable targeted and self-optimizing cross-channel campaigns. Automated messages are sent via the most suitable channel, at the right time, with the optimal contact frequency. With this advanced one-to-one personalization, the highest levels of engagement and long-term customer loyalty can be achieved.

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Investigators were called to the scene around 11:20 a.m. Initially, police said the man died after a fall, but later said the cause of death has yet to be determined. "Everything’s under investigation right now,” a police officer said. Authorities would not say if the man was part of the construction crews. But those working in the building at the time told NBC10 Boston that he was, describing him as a 30-year-old man from Brazil. The man's death was a shock to everyone on the job. "I was working on the fifth floor and suddenly I heard like a noise, a very loud noise,” said construction worker William DeSosa. "I can't give you any details because emotionally when you saw something like that you’re not able to figure out, focus on the details," DeSosa added. "But it was very sad.” "I don't have the words to explain the way I feel right now," said Sandra Nijjar, with the East Boston Community Soup Kitchen.

Laurane and Patrick Foley, from Midleton, Co Cork, speaking to media outside the Four Courts, Dublin after the case against the HSE over the circumstances of the birth of their son Alex was settled. Photograph: Collins Courts On Tuesday, a final lump sum payment of €18 million was approved for Alex Foley from Midleton, Co Cork, bringing to €19.98 million the amount secured in his case. Liam Reidy SC, with Doireann O’Mahony BL, for Alex, said he could previously only walk a few steps but, since key surgery in the US, can now walk two killometres without assistance. The first surgery was paid for by a huge fundraising effort in his local community. Through his mother Laurane, Alex sued the HSE over the circumstances of his birth at the hospital on October 5th, 2010. Five years ago, Alex secured a €1.98 million interim payment and his case was adjourned to this week to decide on his future care needs. Laurane and Patrick Foley, from Midleton, Co Cork, speaking to media outside the Four Courts, Dublin after the case against the HSE over the circumstances of the birth of their son Alex was settled. Photograph: Collins Courts The High Court was previously told Ms Foley was pregnant with twins and had a scan in June 2010 which showed a low-lying placenta. Another scan in September 2010 showed a low-lying placenta which, it was claimed, meant there was a real risk of vasa praevia, a complication of pregnancy in which a baby’s blood vessels cross or run near to the internal opening of the uterus. The Foley side contended there should have been another more specific scan at this stage and, if there had been, it would discover here have identified the risk. The HSE denied the claims and contended it was not normal practice to carry out such a scan. On October 4th, 2010, Mrs Foley began to suffer pains at home and went to the hospital where a CTG trace showed the foetal hearts to be normal. After midnight, her waters were artificially broken and she suffered heavy bleeding. Alex’s heartbeat started to drop and it was decided to deliver the twins by emergency caesarean section. Alex was in poor condition when born but his brother Jacob was in a normal condition. Mrs Foley told the court it is “absolutely amazing” that Alex can now walk. The family wanted to accept a lump sum payment because they didn’t want “to go through the process anymore”, she said. Approving the settlement, Mr Justice Paul Coffey said the extraordinary if not miraculous progress Alex has made must be a great comfort to his parents. Outside court afterwards, Patrick and Laurane Foley said the final settlement marks the end of an 11 year fight.

Adolfson & Peterson Construction 75th Anniversary Builders and developers continue to embrace new green building standards and invest in more environmentally friendly projects. Contractors on ENR's Top 100 list generated $72.71 billion in revenue in 2019 from projects actively seeking green certification, a 6.0% increase from the previous year. Read more about green operations in the construction industry and view the full list of ENR's Top Green Contractors here . Adolfson & Peterson Construction  (AP) has been building trust, communities and people for 75 years. Founded in 1946, AP has expanded its services and geographic footprint to become one of the leading construction management firms in the U.S. and is ranked as a Top 100 Contractor by the Engineering News Record (ENR). It remains a trusted family-owned business that is known for quality, reliability and strong partner relationships, while maintaining one of the strongest safety records in the industry. AP offers preconstruction, construction and contracting services to the commercial, education, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, multifamily, municipal, recreation and senior living market segments, and currently employs more than 600 team members and thousands of subcontractors and trade partners in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Texas and Wyoming. Dedication to its clients, communities, and employees, along with a commitment to core values and innovation, has allowed the company to remain an industry leader and dependable partner for decades. For more information, visit  or follow us on Facebook , LinkedIn , Instagram and Twitter . AP is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

Associate Feature: Improving Road Safety Outcomes for All FMQs: Nicola Sturgeon ‘hiding behind Covid’ on A&E waiting times – Douglas Ross Associate Feature: Improving Road Safety Outcomes for All Road safety is an integral part of our lives.  Most of us use the roads network on a regular, if not daily basis. Walking our children to and from school.  Cycling to the shops.  Taking a bus to visit friends and family. Going on a drive in the car.  Unfortunately, we also know that our roads are not always the safest of places. Road accidents represent one of the leading causes of accidental death to children and young people. It is, therefore, vitally important to ensure that we all have the necessary skills to use our roads network safely to minimise the risk of injury.  The Road Safety Framework to 2030, sets out a compelling long term vision for road safety, ‘Vision Zero’, in which there are no fatalities and injuries on Scotland’s roads by 2050. The key to achieving this vision will be collaboration.  Road Safety Scotland (RSS) has a responsibility for road safety education and we work with many partners across Scotland to ensure that road safety is seen as a lifelong skill.  RSS have produced a suite of high-quality, free, online road safety learning resources.  All are linked to Curriculum for Excellence and are designed specifically to engage children in their road safety learning journey throughout their school years and beyond. Road safety learning, while rooted in health and wellbeing, is rich, diverse and interdisciplinary in nature. To truly give children the skills they need to cope with our modern road network and contribute towards ‘Vision Zero’, road safety learning needs to go beyond the early years centre and school.  Road safety education is a responsibility of all. The example we set as the road users of today, will greatly influence the type of road users our young people will become in the future.  So we all as professionals, teachers, practitioners, parents, carers need to be good role models and lead by example.  If we all play our part individually, collectively we can proactively shape and better road safety outcomes for future generations.  ‘Vision Zero’ - let’s play our part! Caroline Hay is education adviser at Road Safety Scotland This article was sponsored by Road Safety Scotland,associate-feature-improving-road-safety-outcomes-for-all