Over 1,200 front-line educators from across the U.S. responded, and while optimism has fallen (only 38% of educators reported a somewhat positive or positive view of the state of their profession), confidence in the mastery and benefit of learning technologies is on the rise. We’re moving from digital promise to digital proof. Despite a tumultuous year, teachers’ current views on technology provide a bright spot, paving the way for more purposeful use of digital solutions. Educator confidence in using edtech is at an all-time high since we began this survey seven years ago, with 66% of teachers very or extremely confident in their abilities. Many credit their experience of being thrown into the deep end in March 2020. Today, a nearly unanimous 95% of teachers have experienced the benefits of edtech, and 77% believe tech will help them be more effective teachers post-pandemic. Of critical importance is the type of benefit teachers are experiencing. 81% report at least one of the following top three benefits, all of which are highly student-centric: improved student engagement; differentiated, individualized instruction; and flexible access to instructional content. Despite technology playing a larger and more effective role, educators report that there are still critical barriers to access and efficacy that must be addressed, including lack of devices and internet access. 57% of educators also indicated that lack of student engagement with tech is a major barrier. More than half told us that the lack of time to plan for integrating digital resources into instruction was a top challenge. Students’ emotional well-being is educators’ top concern We all recognize that at the center of teaching and learning is the strong connection built and nurtured between teacher and student, which serves as the foundation for academic and social-emotional growth and drives engagement. We cannot let technology that breaks that connection and isolates students obscure that critical relationship, and data from this year’s survey is an important harbinger. Among educators, 58% are concerned that students will demonstrate increased social-emotional needs after the pandemic, and social-emotional needs broadly remained the top concern this year (ahead of teachers’ own salaries and concerns about students falling behind). In addition, 82% of educators believe a well-crafted, fully integrated social-emotional learning (SEL) program will have an impact. Ultimately, to begin to recover and transition into our “post-pandemic instructional model,” we can benefit from a best-of-both-worlds approach that fuses the power of technology with the tried-and-true social gathering of the classroom — “high-tech” working in a mutually reinforcing way with “high-touch.” Educators’ unique experiences shed light on what the classroom of the future will look like Technology alone will not usher in education’s new era.


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"We're back in the regular flow of things." The fast-paced first week of training camp has been a shock to the system for the Grizzlies rookies. "I'm learning day by day, but it's been fun," first-round pick Ziaire Williams said. "Everyone has been very patient with me and Santi [Aldama]." The team still has Williams on a strict 5,000 calorie a day diet, hoping to bulk up their 20-year-old prospect. "He a stick," Melton said with a big laugh. "He a stick, but he's young. So he's got time." "I'm praying one of these days it's going to fill me out this way," Williams said, stretching his arms out side-to-side instead of this way.


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N.J. professor who studies race and economics awarded ‘Genius Grant’ By Katie Kausch | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com A Princeton University professor has been awarded a MacArthur Fellowship grant, sometimes called a Genius Grant, for her research into the intersection of race and economics. Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor was announced as one of 25 people to earn the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship, which comes with a $650,000 award . The no-strings-attached prize is paid out over five years. “Bananas,” Taylor wrote on Twitter alongside a tweet announcing the honor. In a press release issued by Princeton University, Taylor said she was in a state of shock when she received the call. “I picked up the phone very tersely, and the guy was like, ‘I’m from the MacArthur Foundation.’ Then there was a moment of confusion, like, what do they want?” she said in the release. “It went from preparation to combat to confusion to then, what the, oh my God, this is crazy. And my 5-year-old is looking at my rapidly changing facial expressions like, what is happening? I’ve been pretty much in a state of disbelief since then.” Taylor, a professor of African American studies , has published several books on racial inequality in public policy. The grants are awarded annually by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and are designed to honor creativity and discipline across disciplines. Award winners have included historians, musicians, play writes, and doctors. Taylor is not the first Princeton professor to be named a fellow; more than two dozen previous fellows have ties to the Ivy League university. Thank you for relying on us to provide the journalism you can trust. Please consider supporting NJ.com with a subscription. Katie Kausch may be reached at kkausch@njadvancemedia.com . Tell us your coronavirus story or send a tip here . Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

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Understanding the landscape and needs will allow an organisation to anticipate attacks to a certain extent and deploy solutions and services to protect against these perils. These could range from compromise of critical organisational infrastructure and data breaches to phishing attacks on individuals. Some of the most common types are Malware, Phishing, Website Defacing, Man in the Middle (MiTM) attacks, Denial of Service attacks. Cyber attackers can misuse an individual’s credentials or exploit vulnerabilities within a company’s IT environment to steal information or gain access to personal financial accounts, among other potentially damaging actions. A vulnerability could mean a certain disadvantage, like lack of adequate safeguards; or weakness the organisation have, for example, unpatched software; can potentially be exploited by a hacker. A house without security devices like cameras, alarms, or even security guards is at a higher risk of being broken into than those that have even one of those physical security measures in place. Throw in a broken door or window to the already vulnerable house, and chances of an attack increase manifold. The risk is calculated by considering the relevant threats, how vulnerable the organisation is she said given the current safeguards in place to mitigate against these threats, which gives a likelihood rating that the threat may materialise. This rating must then be considered along with relevant confidentiality, integrity and availability impact ratings of information assets which may be affected should the threat materialises. These ratings combined gives an information security rating.


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