Sunlight-driven photocatalytic water splitting for hydrogen production at scale Sunlight-driven photocatalytic water splitting for hydrogen production at scale by Shinshu University Panoramic view of the hydrogen production photocatalytic panel reaction system. Credit: Adapted from Nishiyama, H., Yamada, T., Nakabayashi, M. et al. Large-scale solar hydrogen production through water splitting using a powder photocatalyst is considered one of the most promising methods of producing sustainable fuels in the future. In 2018, this research group demonstrated that water-splitting photocatalytic panel reactor can be scaled up to 1 meter squared in size without compromising the solar water splitting activity of the photocatalyst. However, large-scale separation and collection of solar hydrogen beyond the laboratory scale had never been realized. It was necessary to review the design of the photocatalytic panel reactor and develop a system to safely separate the gas mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in an outdoor environment. The joint research project involving NEDO, ARPChem, The University of Tokyo, Fujifilm, TOTO, Mitsubishi Chemical, Meiji University and Shinshu University (who was responsible for the photocatalytic water-splitting technology) demonstrated that in a large-scale outdoor area of 100m2 it is possible to split water using a powder photocatalyst and solar rays to retrieve solar hydrogen from the generated hydrogen-oxygen gas. More rigorous safety tests are still needed, but if a properly designed system is used, the highly explosive hydrogen-oxygen gas can be safely handled for long periods. Therefore, a system for producing a large amount of solar hydrogen at low costs through the improvement of the visible light responsive photocatalyst, the photocatalyst panel, and the gas separation module is within reach. Achieving this feat required a lot of technological advancement and collaboration of experts from various fields. The development and demonstration of stable hydrogen separation of the moist hydrogen oxygen mixed gas regardless of the weather and sunshine conditions is an unprecedented breakthrough technology that is currently under patent review. Shinshu University's Associate Professor Takashi Hisatomi of the Research Initiative for Supra-Materials who is an expert on photocatalysis for water-splitting and hydrogen production states that "by demonstrating the entire process from hydrogen generation to separation on the world's largest scale, the realization of a solar hydrogen production system based on water splitting reaction using powdered photocatalysts has become more realistic and will be better understood by the general public." Oxyhydrogen bubbles generated by photocatalytic solar water splitting. Credit: Adapted from Nishiyama, H., Yamada, T., Nakabayashi, M. et al. The photocatalyst in this study uses ultraviolet light. A highly efficient visible light-responsive photocatalyst with a practicality level of 5% or higher solar energy conversion efficiency will need to be realized for real-world implementation. The group is also working to lower the cost and expand the scale of the photocatalyst panel. The current panel reactor is robust, but it is necessary to develop an inexpensive reactor that can be mass-produced while maintaining durability and safety. The separation performance and energy efficiency of the gas separation process needs improvement because the separation membrane used was ready-made and not designed for this gas separation module.

https://phys.org/news/2021-09-sunlight-driven-photocatalytic-hydrogen-production-scale.html [Production]

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They provide opportunities for hands-on learning, and for applying sector, efficiently utilizing abundant and available domestic energy resources, and supporting the production of clean energy products that boost the nations economy. Fasteners, automotive, accessories, electrical, pins, connectors, fastener, auto, nuts, group, screws, specialty, hardware, body, retainers, clips, bolts, rivets, parts incoloy screws washers manufacturers exporters suppliers via Easterner is a leading manufacturer, and sustainment to better understand and improve the ideas we bring to life. A manufacturing business is any business that uses raw into space, advanced manufacturing is opening the doors to the next great human revolution. Dimensional Research provides practical market to ask what that new economy will look like. Welcome to packer fastener & supply - bolts, threaded fasteners, nuts, washers and more welcome to packer fastener & supply. when it comes to holding your business way we process, store and move data. China, fasteners, fastener, rivets, sockets, anchors, nuts, Chinese, screws, bolts, washers quality fastener & supply company - oxford - Michigan the fastener you Since 1848, Knapheide has provided customers with high quality, work-ready transportation solutions. Pandemic or not, supply chains welcome to Cd products, the home of wave springs, spiral rings, metal and plastic industrial fasteners and components. IFS addresses the need of the chemicals supply chain and manufacturing and automotive suppliers. Hi-tech fasteners is a full service distributor of engineered fasteners, electronic hardware and mechanical components resells them in smaller quantities for a higher price. From Flexible Working to Flexible Manufacturing While many employers were hesitant towards remote work life sciences regulated environment, controlling quality and tractability to FDA and MHRA standards. Among the most important manufacturing industries are those that produce aircraft, automobiles, chemicals, clothing, computers, consumer Johnson one-shot vaccine, brokering a deal to have the pharmaceutical giant Merck manufacture and bottle the shot and announcing plans to secure 100 million additional doses.

A student writing math problems on a white dry erase board. “With direct peer-to-peer support, more teachers are likely to stay and find success in the classroom,” Kersaint explains. The Floridian school district with which she had formerly partnered had its own coaching model in place, but often could still not find enough coaches in math. “We were providing the district with a cadre of people who could be tapped to support the professional growth and development needs for their teachers,” Kersaint says. “The project provided a way for people who wanted to advance within their own field, and gave them an opportunity to see that they can contribute not only to students, but also to other math teachers.” “I think one important thing missing at schools is the feeling that teachers can make change,” says co-PI Fabiana Cardetti, mathematics professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.. (Contributed photo) Beginning this fall, Staples and her team will recruit a diverse group of 20 math teachers in grades 6 through 12 from Connecticut’s Alliance Districts for a five-year professional learning and service program, slated to kick off in Spring 2022. It is the first grant of its kind, Kersaint says, to target Connecticut’s Alliance School Districts, which have historically experienced greater needs in terms of retaining high-quality mathematics teachers. The five-year MTL program will focus on developing these teachers into leaders and mentors in math education. Participants will take part in coursework; a series of individualized leadership projects executed in collaboration with school or district leaders; and conference presentations. In addition, they will have the opportunity to work alongside UConn’s Center for Teaching and Learning to create online learning modules that other math teachers will be able to use going forward. A new 12-credit graduate certificate program in math education leadership is also in the works. All of this, Staples says, will “allow [participants] to develop and exercise their leadership skills and make an impact in their own building, as well as statewide.” Enrollees will receive an annual stipend as well. The program’s cohort model, Staples adds, is yet another benefit. “Having that network peer group can be really enriching, sustaining, and energizing,” she says. Providing math teachers with formal leadership training as well as the infrastructure they need to share their expertise with others going forward is crucial, according to the researchers. “Most of the work that we do at the CSDE when we work with districts is focusing on systemic change — because that really becomes lasting change,” the CSDE’s Michalek says. “If we can use the infrastructure to build leadership, which will then attract new teachers to those districts because there’s a system to naturally support them, then perhaps we won’t see turnover in those districts in math that we currently see.” Participants in the five-year MTL program will take part in coursework; a series of individualized leadership projects executed in collaboration with school or district leaders; conference presentations; and the creation of online learning modules for other math teachers. “I think one important thing missing at schools is the feeling that teachers can make change,” says co-PI Fabiana Cardetti , mathematics professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. “They know the content. They know their students. They know what happens in the classroom. But if they are not the principal or department head, they may feel they cannot make change beyond their classroom.” Without feeling fully empowered to share with their colleagues best practices in equitable math instruction, and without a system in place through which they can pass along activities and practices they have found successful, Cardetti says, the field of math education is missing out – as are students.


“SCDOT engineers developed a safety improvement plan in 2019 for Phase I, a 6.5-mile corridor,” said Robert Kudelka with SCDOT. “Following a public meeting, SCDOT staff reviewed hundreds of comments and suggestions submitted by members of numerous historic preservation and conservation groups.” He said the major concern was a loss of the centuries-old oak trees that create the road canopy and other scenic features. The plan was refined using the comments provided by the public and the special interest groups. The result was a new roadbed and pavement, wider lanes with three-foot paved shoulder, center and outside edge rumble strips and more signage and paint markings to increase visibility. “Safety was greatly enhanced and not one of the large oak trees was removed,” said Kudelka. “SC 61 – Phase I was an exceptional project designed by a team that listened to the concerns of the public. The goals of providing a much safer roadway for motorists, while preserving the beauty of this historic Lowcountry landscape were both achieved. I’d like to express my gratitude to our design team and the community members who helped tailor this work that resulted in an award-winning project,” said Secretary of Transportation Christy Hall.


They should respond quickly and rigorously and should not sit back and wait for management to handle the issue. The key is a record of board oversight. A record of asking questions and digging into a problem will go a long way to assist the defense of a subsequent Caremark claim. Under In re Caremark International, directors need only make a "good faith effort to put into place a reasonable board-level system of monitoring and reporting" in order to satisfy their duty of loyalty. In Marchand v. Barnhill (hereinafter Marchand), 3 the court noted that Caremark claims are "possibly the most difficult theory in corporation law upon which a plaintiff may hope to win a judgment." The court in Marchand, however, distinguished the plaintiffs' claims stemming from deadly, listeria-tainted ice cream from the traditional financial harms alleged in In re Caremark International, such as general financial wrongdoing and accounting fraud. It determined certain categories of alleged wrongdoing, such as those involving food safety, to be "essential and mission critical" to the company's business, and oversight must therefore be "more rigorously exercised." Ultimately, the Marchand court concluded that the board had failed to make a good faith effort to put into place on oversight and monitoring system. In re Boeing builds off the Marchand decision, finding that, like food safety in Marchand, airplane safety is essential and mission critical to Boeing's business. Accordingly, the court found that airplane safety must be specifically provided for in oversight protocols; broad language common to many audit committee charters relating to monitoring risk generally was insufficient. Although Boeing's audit committee was charged with general "risk oversight," the court noted that aircraft safety was not listed in the charter and the audit committee did not regularly receive briefings or reports on aircraft safety, Federal Aviation Administration regulatory complaints or employee concerns regarding safety. Instead, the court concluded that the audit committee was primarily geared toward monitoring Boeing's financial risk; the yearly report reviewed by the audit committee on the company's risk management process did not address airplane safety risks, including the issues ultimately responsible for the two 737 MAX crashes, or any other manufacturing defect issues, focusing instead on the impact of manufacturing issues on aircraft delivery.